203K Rehab Loans


The "FHA 203K" is the only home improvement loan today that lenders can offer for more than your home is worth. The FHA 203K loan allows 115% financing for home rehabilitation and energy efficiency upgrades like solar heating. 

Our FHA lenders offer 203 FHA home loans that have been very popular with foreclosure home buyers. A lot of foreclosed homes that people buy need significant improvements and the 203 loan enable borrowers to qualify for a FHA finance loan beyond the home's value. 203K lenders are difficult to find, so ask a lot of questions when you are shopping for a FHA home improvement loan online. 

Approved FHA lenders continue to finance 96.5% of home purchase loans with affordable payments because FHA rates are still really good. The 203(b) is a FHA home loan program with a fixed interest rate. The 203 is a popular FHA home loan with first time home buyers. The 203(b) FHA loan keeps your down payment to a minimum. Your closing costs may also be minimized, so ask your loan officer. The 203(b) FHA loan will finance up to 96.5% loan to value, so you may only need 3.5% down to buy a home. 

  • Purchase or refinance. 
  • Remodel the kitchen or bath.
  • Renovate or add a room.
  • Paint the house or add siding. 
  • Add a porch, deck or patio.
  • Replace a leaky roof.
  • Put in new flooring, carpeting or tiling. 
  • Update electrical wiring, plumbing or heating systems.
  • Conserve energy with new windows.
  • Plus much more!